KS2 Primary SOW

Primary Languages SOW

Associate Primary Language Teachers and Assistants

The KS2 Scheme of Work written by Janet Lloyd developed with and used by over 200 Primary Schools is suitable for specialist and non-specialist teachers and meets the requirements of the new Programme of Study. It addresses progression in LKS2 and subsequently in UKS2 across all 4 skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing) and introduces and develops basic grammar to your language learner.

The KS2 SoW comprises of: Planning, Assessment and Tracking tools and 4 years x 36 learner friendly, primary focussed and age appropriate lesson plans and activities.

Key features of the Primary Languages SoW:

  • A complete package of teaching & learning resources with accompanying lesson plans for all 4 years in KS2 in French or Spanish
  • 36 Weekly lesson plans per year group
  • Meets the requirements of the new DfE Programme of Study
  • Addresses the 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing and simple grammar
  • Lively and engaging resources designed to meet the needs of the young language learner
  • Comprehensive teaching and learning resources in French or Spanish
  • Assessment and Tracking tools to ensure progress in language learning across KS2

Pricing and Order Form

Our Primary Languages SOW is offered to schools on CD-ROM (no subscription required), the SOW is licensed for use by the School and can be accessed by all staff members.

To order please complete the Order Form and we will dispatch the SOW and invoice school


FRE-SOW             Ks2 French SOW supplied on CD-ROM            £200.00

SPA-SOW           KS2 Spanish SOW supplied on CD-ROM              £200.00