## What is this?

This is a guide to help you write an email marketing funnel sequence.

It’s a sequence of emails that you send to your customers to guide them through the process of buying your product or service.

The idea is that you start with an introduction email, and then move on to a series of follow-up emails. Each email in the sequence is designed to help your customer make a decision to move forward in the buying process.

### What is an email funnel sequence?

An email sequence is a set of related emails that are sent to a customer over a period of time. They are designed to guide the customer through the decision-making process of choosing to buy your product/service.


Imagine that you are selling a car. You send an email to the customer that says:

– Intro Email:

This is the first email in your sequence. It introduces the customer to your brand and your product. It’s designed to get the customer interested in your brand.

– Follow-up Emails: These are emails that follow up on the introduction email. They help the customer decide whether or not they want to make a purchase.

– Email 1: The customer receives the intro email and is interested in learning more about the car. They click on a link to learn more about it. This is an opportunity to get them to sign up for your email list. You can use this email to send them to a landing page where they can sign up to get more information about your car.

– Email 2: After the customer signs up for the email list, you can send them an email asking them if they are interested in buying the car, and if so, how much they are willing to spend. This email is a great opportunity to up-sell your product to your customer. If they say they are not interested, you don’t have to worry about losing them. They won’t be coming back to your site again. If the customer is interested, then you can offer them a discount on the price of the car to entice them to buy it.

You can send this email as many times as you want, as long as you have the customer’s email address.

– Note: Don’t send too many emails in a row. You want to give your customer a chance to unsubscribe from your list if they don’t want to receive any more emails from you.

– Tip: It’s a good idea to send a thank you email at the end of the sequence, thanking the customer for buying from you and letting them know that you’ll be in touch if they have any questions about their purchase.

## How to write a sequence

Step 1: Start with an intro email. It should be short and to the point. The goal of this email is to introduce your brand, and to get your customer to click a link that takes them to your landing page.

Step 2: When the customer clicks on the link, they should be taken to a page that has a form on it. Fill out the form with the information that you want to collect from the customer. Make sure that the form is short and easy to fill out. The more information you collect, the more data you have to work with in the future.

Step 3: Once you have collected all the information you need, send the customer an email thanking them for signing up. You should include a link in the email that takes the customer back to the form that they filled out. This way, they can come back and fill it out again if they want more information from you or if they need to change something in their profile.

## Tips & Tricks

Make sure that your intro email has a clear call to action. You don’t need a lot of words in this email, but you do need to tell the customer what you want them to do. For example, if you are trying to sell a car.

You should also make sure that you have a clear unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails. This will make it easy for your customers to opt-out of your email sequence if they no longer want to be on your list.

Finally, don’t send more than one email in a sequence. If you do, your customers will get confused, and they won’t know what to expect when they come back for the next email.

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