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How to Find Paid Writing Jobs

Freelance writing can be a fulfilling career path where you set your own hours and work from home. However, getting started with a writing career requires hard work to establish yourself professionally. It’s important to approach your job search from multiple angles to increase your chances of success. In this article, you’ll learn about the best ways to start the process, find paid writing jobs and make a living as a professional writer.

The modern professional writing world is broad with many opportunities to pursue but also high levels of competition. By focusing on the most effective methods of finding writing jobs you increase your chances of building a successful writing career. Here are the top methods of finding writing jobs that can help you improve your bottom line whether you are just starting or are a seasoned writer:

15 Great Places to Find Online Magazine Writing Jobs in 2022

1. Cosmopolitan

magazine writing jobs cosmopolitan

2. Glamour

magazine writing jobs glamour

3. Good Housekeeping

magazine writing jobs good housekeeping

They welcome submissions of about 500 words for the “Blessings” column, along with short stories about women (or family members) who’ve overcome serious health problems or medical emergencies.

4. Oprah Magazine (Digital Version)

magazine writing jobs oprah magazine

A look at Oprah Magazine’s homepage should give you an idea of what readers have come to expect from the digital edition, including personal interest pieces, deep-dive article collections on reader favorites (like the Bridgerton series), and product recommendations (e.g., “[#] Warm Winter Coats…”).

5. LiisBeth

magazine writing jobs liisbeth

magazine writing jobs liisbeth pay scales

6. Smithsonian Magazine

magazine writing jobs smithsonian

7. The Sun

magazine writing jobs the sun

8. The Atlantic

magazine writing jobs the atlantic

9. Vox

magazine writing jobs vox

10. BuzzFeed News

magazine writing jobs buzzfeed news

If you’re interested in submitting an essay to BuzzFeed News, send your pitch to [email protected] with a brief note on the essence of your idea. Or send an edited first draft of your essay as an attached Word or Google doc.

11. Discover Magazine

magazine writing jobs discover

12. High Country News

magazine writing jobs high country news

Per their submissions page, consider which section of High Country News you’re pitching, read the guidelines for that section, and send your polished pitch to the best contact, which you’ll see posted after the guidelines.

13. New York Magazine

magazine writing jobs new york magazine

How To Land Lucrative Writing Gigs on Craigslist

Landing jobs on Craigslist doesn’t differ much from other online job boards. Most prospective employers leave an email address or a website page to apply on, while others use Craigslist’s reply function.

cover letter for writers service on fiverr-min

Write an Engrossing (But Short) Cover Letter

Many writers resort to pitching their experience (“I was featured in Forbes” and “I had dozens of happy clients”) in their cover letters. This is boring, and not very persuasive. Besides, that’s what your resume is for.

Instead, focus on showing how the company can benefit from hiring you. So, before you get started on your cover letter, do your homework and research the company you’re applying to.

In the letter, write about your strengths and how you can use them to bring the company the results they need. Instead of listing your past projects, flaunt your results and achievements in previous engagements, and explain how they helped your employers grow their businesses.

Here’s an important cover letter writing tip:
Even though you write well, you can never be too meticulous. After all, employers always look for detail-oriented candidates, so spelling or grammar errors in your application won’t put you ahead.

How to Advertise Your Writing Services on Craigslist

Advertisement On The Wall New York

Finding job postings to apply to is not the only course of action available to writers on Craigslist.

Creating ads on Craigslist is either free or requires a small fee. Once you open Craigslist and select an appropriate location, click on the Create a posting button on the top of the left sidebar.

creating a service posting on craigslist

You just need to come up with a description of what you’re offering – it can be as creative or simple as you like. Make sure to include your niche and specialty, and focus on what sets you apart from other writers.

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