Approximately fifty teachers and teaching assistants attended the October JLN Language Support Training Twilight at Woolston CP School, Warrington. The focus of the meeting was to consider ways to develop essay writing activities which are for children in  Key Stage One and Two based upon “My home, your home” and linked to the story of “The Town and the Country Mouse”.

Janet Lloyd and the two native target language assistants, Emilie Chretinat and Mar Balsera, presented the training and shared with the teachers resources and lesson activities created by Janet and the team of language assistants.

Teachers considered possible learning objectives for the theme, took part in a target language town and country mouse performance and created mime signs for the town. They practised traditional rhymes and sang songs to introduce the rooms in the house and the cutlery on the table, created “Table Art and Emilie and Mar shared facts about everyday life for young people in Barcelona and Picardie.

Teachers who attended the LST and members of the network who were unable to attend can now access materials and resources from the front page of JLN website- just follow the my home your home link to the password protected page.

The next LST (Language Support Training) for Janet Lloyd Network will be in the Spring term and will focus on the theme of “Going for Gold”.

Janet Lloyd Network offers . . . 

  • Face to face effective pedagogical training and consultancy to support quality language teaching and learning
  • Upskills the local primary workforce in the target language
  • Supports local schools endeavouring to offer every child the opportunity to learn a language
  • Supports specialist and non-specialist language teachers to create quality cross curricular language and culture teaching and learning opportunities
  • Encourages teachers and pupils to understand the value of language learning and to acquire the skills of learning a language
  • Supports the local development of a 7 to 14 language learning curriculum
  • Offers purposeful CPD to local primary and secondary schools to establish and enhance constructive dialogue and transition between KS2 and KS3 language learning

Primary Language teaching and learning questions

Q: Where can I find local support and training for Primary Languages?

Q: We have begun to implement a programme of primary language learning in school but how do we move forward and develop a whole school plan?

Q: We are struggling to get started with Primary Languages and want someone to help us to develop a learning programme tailored to our school and its needs?

Q: Where can I find resources that my staff of varying language abilities can use to deliver languages?

Q: Where can I find local language training for my staff?

Q: How can I be creative in my approach to language teaching and learning?

Q: How can we ensure quality teaching and learning in primary languages?

Q: We need a language assistant to support us?

Q: What about the links between KS2 and KS3?

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