This half term seems to have flown by! Almost the February holidays and so time for network news blog just to keep you all up to date on additional resources etc that we have been busy creating for your local network

Beginning with language learning
If you have just joined us and are starting off as a school teaching primary foreign languages please take a look at the latest Beginning with Languages Blog (5)
 Beginning with Languages Blog (5)

Carnival Song Competition
We have decided that we need to share and celebrate the success of all our schools and so we are launching our termly language competitions for young language learners in network schools. We do hope that your school will be keen to participate in the first competition our Carnival Song Competition.
There are Little Linguist Vouchers to be won and certificates in the target language for each class in a school that enters! Watch out for our Summer competition which will be based on puppet shows…… more to follow soon on JLN
Carnival Song Competition

APPS and Language Learning
Emilie is now reviewing MFL APPs on the Alan Peat website and you can follow this here:
  Recommended APPS for MFL

Primary Languages SoW – APPs to go
We have now produced a comprehensive half term by half term APPs to go chart with suggested activities and links to the APPS to enhance each of the 24 focuses in the SOW. Just click on “APPs to go” on the JLN SOW page. Don’t forget you will need your username and password!
APPs to go

Primary Languages SoW – Moving on from basic language learning lessons
We think that for many of us it is time to begin to develop more creative approaches linked to the simple sequences of six lessons that already exist for every half term (Year 3 through to Year 6) in our JLN SOW. We have now added a menu of step by step guides per half term to allow you to become more creative with the language that you as the teachers are now feeling confident in using. You can access the chart and click through to the lesson guides via the JLN SOW page. Again you will need your username and password. For example next half term why not create an Easter movie with Year 4 based on parts of the body and movements.
 Easter Movie

Deeper Learning
For many of us who have been teaching primary foreign languages for some years it is time to consider how we offer deeper learning opportunities to our young language learners, to help them to become more independent language learners.
Take a look at these two blog posts – the first is about extending independent speaking:
 Let’s talk about it! Moving talk on
and the second blog post is helping more advanced learners continue to decode, entcode and understand written language more independently. We are encouraging children to:
Look! Think! Link! And Read!

And finally why not celebrate our local links with Alice in Wonderland and work on these KS2 POS Learning Objectives: “Asking and answering questions” and “Describing people, places and things orally and in writing” via our links and blog post in Seasonal Specials Alice and Wonderland and the commemorative Royal Mail stamp collection
 Alice in Wonderland

Dates for your diary
We would love to see you at our upcoming training events:
 Literacy and Phonics in Language Learning, on 3rd March with Julie Prince
Ensuring Progress in Primary Language Learning, on 19 March (afternoon) with Janet Lloyd 
Links Abroad (ETwinning / CPD and funding), 19 March (twilight)
JLN Annual Conference 2015, 2 July (all day), pencil in this date
The annual conference this year for which you all have a free place as members is 2 July at the Statham Lodge Hotel Warrington and we have a very famous and marvellous national speaker and expert on developing units of work linked to other areas of the primary curriculum – Elaine Minnett. Elaine was one of the designers of West Sussex Grid for Learning and many of you will have used her Dear Zoo, Handa’s Surprise, le chateau hanté lesson guides and resources in your French and  Spanish language work.

Have a fantastic half term holiday and hope to see you in March!

Best wishes

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