Well it’s been a busy term for us all. A new curriculum in Maths and English to implement and for those of us who are leading on or teaching primary  languages we have been busy ensuring that the French, Spanish, German and in our network also some Mandarin is being taught in line with the new DfE POS.

This means that primary languages are on the timetable for all KS2 pupils and are taught regularly.

Ask yourself at the end of this busy term – are your children making progress across all 4 skills in language learning and have you begun to address challenges of basic grammar (nouns, adjectives and verbs)?

  • Have you established a clear and effective system of record keeping of progress and are you beginning to consider ways to assess the progress the learners are genuinely making?
  • If  you are new to the network and just starting off on your language learning journey then you may find the “beginners blogs” really useful.
  • I write two per half term and they are called “Beginning with Language Learning “.
  • Click here to visit them

Remember we can help! Take a look at the following:

Progress across all 4 skills:
JLN Primary Languages SOW

Basic Grammar:

Take a look at the Stepping Stones for Grammar in the Coordinator’s pack (link to subject coordinators’ pack)

Grammar appropriate to the primary classroom – take a look at these blog posts on nouns to get you started!

Starting to understand nouns
 I Spy Nouns
Noun collectors


  • Watch out for our twilight CPD on assessment and the ways that the associate teachers along with the school coordinators have been developing the tools we offer.
  • Take a look at the Assessment tools in the Coordinator’s pack (link to the subject coordinators pack)
  • As we make progress on language learning remember that we have always concerned ourselves with the need to develop accurate pronunciation and to be able to transfer the spoken to the written word so that children can read and write target language accurately.

You may find the following blog posts of use:

Practising sounds and their letter combinations –  the activities are adaptable to all languages:

Sounds in colours and numbers
Seeking sound patterns
Look! Think! Link and Read!

We have as promised now added KS1 packages of learning to the website

  • Just click on the KS1 link (link to KS1) and we are constantly updating our inspirations page to take you just that bit further with the language learning activities in your class.
  • Again just click on the link, select the focus and the language and hopefully you will find something there as a resource or activity top support you.

Inspirations Page

Should you be interested in ways to develop the use of APPs and technology in the classroom and you were to unable to attend the Joe Dale CPD twilight at Penketh High, then take a look here!
Using Apps in Language Learning

Dates for your diary in the New Year

  • Warrington twilight on Carnival and World Book Day on Thursday 22nd January
  • Take a look at the DfE funded CPD that you can attend in Spring term too here:
  • You may have staff who require support with the target language or want to know more about progression in language learning or are interested in links abroad.
  • There may be a CPD session here for you! Click here
  • Phonics in Literacy and Language Learning across KS2 and into KS3 with the wonderful Julie Prince.
    • We are holding two sessions with a two and a half hour afternoon session or an hour and a half twilight session on 3 March.
    • You can book on either of these courses – click here

And finally advanced notice!

  • The annual JLN Primary LanguagesConference is to be held at the Statham Lodge on 2 July.
  • Please pop this date in your diaries! Our focus will be “Going Cross Curricular!”

Can I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a happy 2015!

Best wishes

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